The Two Types of Real Estate Agents

Home Buying and Home Selling are two very different processes in real property and so they demand unique extra attention. Here are the two process briefly discussed to better understand the real estate world before you decide to buy or sell Buford Georgia homes.

Buyers Agents
1. In exchange for the service of helping a buyer look for a good house, the agent is paid home extensions on a percentage commission. He further guides the buyer in finding the best deal in the real estate market.

2. He has access to numerous properties that are MLS listed, and even those which are not listed. so that he can show these to the client.

3. The real estate agent is responsible in determining which property is right for the client. He should be honest enough to spot problems when showing each house to his client such as if an addition could either detract or add value to the home, and whether or not the home will be noisy during times when the buyer wants to sleep, rest or do something that requires concentration. What an agent does is that he negotiates a home to a client and makes ann offer in behalf of the other client.

4. He make sure that all contract contingencies are met until the home sale closes. This means that he or she must be well-versed with the whole process.

Sellers Agents
1. The agent acts as a representative for the home seller and helps in pricing and valuing the home for sale according to the desired price of his or her client.

2. Moreover, he informs his client with the necessary home improvements and repairs needed in the home.

3. The agent markets a Boston home for instance by listing it on Buford Georgia MLS Listings, and networking with other agents. He guides the customer in the real estate market especially on the best time to market a home. He also genuinely filters trustworthy offers from low-ball ones.

4. If you are already on the process, the agent will help you understand what are the terms and conditions stated in the contract especially the legal terms until the deal is closed. The agent makes sure that everything stated in the contract is followed.

What is important in the buying and selling process is not how cheap the price of the house is, but the expertise and the experience of your agent. So choosing the right agent is crucial for every Buford Georgia homes buyer or seller.

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